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Karma or love
  lostaccount, Jun 16 2024

Would u choose karma or love

Poll: Karma or love
(Vote): Karma
(Vote): Love

I choose karma first then love after

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life blog
  lostaccount, Jun 02 2024

June 1st

what did I do today? not much went to eat chicken pot pie with fries and gravy, watch some champion league highlights.
cook some noodles clean the place a bit. today was raining so a chill day didn't have the appetite to do much except relax.
gonna buy some movies to watch on YouTube.

what more do I want out of this life? some things but im gonna keep it a secert for now lol.
do I miss poker? not really but I miss making money from it though lol but I can't play online poker as it is too tempting to lose my profits at table games as I can't resist sometimes haha.

what else is there for me to do I ask myself if im not having a kid and staying single but this is not set in stones so who knows

GL to all the grinders who are still putting in work at the tables I can't believe u guys can still make a living out of it.

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what do you guy think?
  lostaccount, May 31 2024

peace is my way

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